The TreePad™ concept
The combination of article and tree is the heart of the TreePad™ concept as introduced in 1995 by Henk Hagedoorn and widely imitated since then. While the tree is the hierarchical organization (or structure) of the database, the contained articles (documents) are its true content.
The article pane consists of a powerful word processor. You can type any text inside the article pane, and format this document with bold, italic, color, font, font-size, underline, background-color, etc. You can also insert images. The document inside the article pane is referred to as 'the article'. A TreePad X Enterprise database can contain tens of thousands of articles (self-contained documents).
TreePad's tree pane functions much like the Windows Explorer. It contains a tree-structure consisting of icons (or "nodes"). The difference is that in TreePad a tree-icon (or "node") represents a document (the article), while in the Windows Explorer an icon represents a folder or a file. The tree can be used to navigate the database, and to open, create, delete and organize articles.
If the tree pane is empty, you first need to open or create a database. When you have opened or created a database, to access an existing document (article) in the article-pane, just click on its corresponding node in the tree pane. To create a new and empty article inside an existing database, just add a new node to the tree-pane, and the corresponding empty document⁄article will become visible in the article pane.
Between the article and the tree is a vertical pane divider which can be dragged left or right to adjust the relative sizes of each pane.
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