Exporting a subtree to multiple files
To export a subtree to multiple files, click Main menu: Database⁄Export⁄Subtree⁄To files.
In the first screen of the export wizard, choose Export to multiple files.
In the second screen, you can choose to export the selected subtree to:
The option recurse subtrees allows you to choose whether (when unticked) to export only the first level of the selected subtree, creating only files (this is the default), or (when ticked) to traverse all branches of the subtree recursively, exporting all levels and creating files and directories. To recurse means to backtrack.  Directories are created corresponding to the various levels of the subtree.
The option Limit export to checked articles and⁄or nodes only allows you to limit export to only those nodes with checkmarks in their node checkbox icons.
See also:
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