Insert menu
TreePad allows you to insert various useful items into your article, such as date and time, etc. These commands are listed below in the order in which they appear in Main menu ⁄ Insert.
It should be noted that:
  1. Not all commands in Main menu ⁄ Insert appear in Article context menu ⁄ Insert.
  2. Not all commands have accompanying keyboard shortcuts.
  3. A separate list of Insert commands applying to the Tree pane (as distinct from the Article pane) will be found under Main menu ⁄ Tree ⁄ Insert.
  4. Inserting the date⁄time may also be accomplished by clicking the Insert date and⁄or time toolbutton on the Article edit toolbar.

Refer to the numbered Notes at the end of this article for more details on each command.
To insert a calendar date1
To insert the current date1
To insert the current time1
To insert the current date and time1
To insert a horizontal line2
To insert a page break2
To insert a character11
To insert an article field12
To insert text from a file3
To insert one or more images from a file4
To insert a hyperlink5
To insert hyperlinks to one or more files6
To insert a calendar, agenda or to-do list
For further reading, please see:
Insert agenda⁄calendar⁄todo-list into the article
To insert a table of contents (top level of subtree)7
To insert a table of contents (all levels of subtree)7
To insert a list of hyperlinks to Tree search results8
To insert a list of hyperlinks to Bookmarks13
To insert a list of hyperlinks to the History list14
To insert a hyperlink to a selected node in the Accessory pane15
To insert the name of the currently selected node9
To insert the path of the currently selected node10

  1. See also Date, time and calendar functions. You can also use these keyboard shortcuts to insert the date and⁄or time into the node title. See Date and time stamping nodes.
  2. See Text dividers.
  3. This command inserts all the text from a file into the current article at the current cursor position. See Importing a file into an article.
  4. This command inserts one or more images (of a supported format) from an external image file into the article at the position of the article cursor. See Using the Insert image(s) command.
  5. For other ways of creating hyperlinks, see Creating hyperlinks.
  6. This command inserts hyperlinks to one or more files at a time. See Inserting multiple hyperlinks to files.
  7. If the subtree chosen is normally sorted, it is a good idea to sort it before inserting a table of contents, since the order of hyperlinks in the contents list is determined by the current order of the nodes. See Inserting a table of contents.
  8. This command inserts a list of hyperlinks to all nodes in the Search results pane.
  9. The quickest way to replace an existing article title with the node title is to highlight the article title, then use this command to overwrite it. There is no need to delete the highlighted title, and any title formatting will be preserved.
  10. If the node is the Root node, node path and node name are identical.
  11. This opens a window allowing you to select a character with an ASCII value from 30 to 255. See Inserting special characters.
  12. This opens the Insert field window allowing you to insert a self-updating field into your article. See Article fields.
  13. This command inserts a list of hyperlinks to all nodes in the Bookmarks pane. See The Bookmarks pane.
  14. This command inserts a list of hyperlinks to all nodes in the History pane. See History pane.
  15. This command inserts into the current article, at the article cursor position, a hyperlink to the currently selected node in any member pane of the Accessory pane that displays a list of nodes (currently Bookmarks, History, Search Results). See Creating underlined hyperlinks using the Insert menu.

Handy hint: If you wish to add style features such as boldface, color, etc., to inserted text, click where you want the text to be inserted in the article, select the font attributes, then Insert the text. It will automatically take on the correct format when it is inserted.
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