Date, time and calendar functions
This article summarizes the various date, time and calendar functions available.
Date and time formats
Click Main menu ⁄ View ⁄ Options ⁄ TreePad ⁄ Date and time to choose the appropriate date⁄time format used in articles and node titles.
The Example: fields of date and time formats will change according to the format selected. Experiment with different formats by selecting and combining various options.
Date and time stamping nodes
TreePad can insert the date, time or date+time into the titles of newly created nodes, still allowing you to add following text. See Date and time stamping nodes.
Date and time stamping articles
You can insert:
The default order of insertion is the date followed by the time. To reverse this, press Shift+Ctrl+T followed by Shift+Ctrl+D.
Inserting a calendar date
See Date and time stamping nodes and Insert menu for the commands required to display the Select date (calendar) window.
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