The Article pane
The Article pane is on the right half of the screen, where text editing takes place. The Article pane can also be seen as a powerful Word Processor. Right-clicking in this pane brings up the Article context menu1.
Each node has its own article. The Article pane displays the article corresponding to the node selected in the Tree pane.
Before the article can be edited, the Article pane must have focus, as indicated by the presence of a blinking article cursor (|). You can bring focus to the article by

  1. Pressing Shift+F10 displays the Article context menu when the Article pane has focus, or the Tree context menu when the Tree pane has focus. This avoids the need to take your fingers away from the keyboard to use the mouse just to select a menu item.
  2. See Using the keyboard to switch between panes.

Article Button Bar
Accessory pane
Navigating the article
Highlighting text
Insert and overtype modes
Replacing text
Undo and Redo
Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete
   Deleting text
   Copying and Cutting text
   Copying the article contents
   Pasting text into the article
   Copying or moving text and images
   Trimming unwanted characters*
Formatting articles
   Overview of formatting
   Article formats
      Some definitions first
      Plain text format
      Rich text format (RTF)
   Article text format commands
   Font and highlight color
   Direct HTML editing
   Color marker
   Article formatting hints and tips
   Superscripts and subscripts
      Footnote hyperlink example
   Paragraph formatting
      Aligning and justifying paragraphs
      Indenting lines and paragraphs
         Using tabs to indent text
         Increase⁄Decrease indentation
         Auto indent
      Bulleting and numbering paragraphs
         Undoing bulleting and numbering
         Nested bulleting and numbering
      Paragraph formatting window
   Article ruler, tabs and line numbers
      The article rulers
      Indent markers
      Ruler tabs
      Line numbers
   Reversing, removing and converting formatting
   Format painter
   Copy ⁄ paste of formatting
   Copy special and Paste special
   Case conversion
   Trimming unwanted characters
   Text dividers
Saving article cursor position
Insert menu
Sorting text
Transferring text to a new node
Article fields
   Working with tables
   Editing text in tables
   Adjusting column width and position
   Navigating within a table
   Moving and copying text from cell to cell
   Sorting tables
   Moving a column or row
   Moving and copying tables
   Inserting and deleting rows and columns
   Splitting and combining cells
      Horizontal splitting and combining
      Vertical splitting and combining
   Selecting rows and columns
   Table and cell borders
   Table and cell color
   Tables hints and tips
Paragraph borders
   Borders and shading window controls
   Creating borders and boxes
   Paragraph borders within tables
   Paragraph borders hints and tips
Automatic paste
   Automatic pasting to the same article
   Automatic pasting to multiple articles
   Automatic Paste hints and tips
Article statistics
Spelling checker
   Basic operation
   Spelling options
      The Dictionaries window
      The Ignore All ⁄ Change All dictionary
      User custom dictionaries
      Additional dictionaries
Inserting special characters
   Character map
   Entering symbols
   Entering the Euro symbol
   Disabling ALTGR shortcuts
Subdividing and combining articles
   Subdividing articles
   Combining articles
Article replace*
Article keyboard shortcuts*
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