Character map
The Character map displays a handy list of additional characters and symbols that can be inserted into text in the current article. These include special characters found only in other languages (French, Scandinavian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.).

The Character map
To open the Character map
Click the Show character map toolbutton on the Article edit toolbar. The focus must be in the Article pane for this to work or you must be in the process of editing a tree node title (the tree node title editor is active).
To close the Character map
Pressing the Escape key does not close the Character map.
To insert one or more characters
Click the desired character to insert it into the Article pane at the position of the Article cursor. Following this, the Character map will close unless the Keep open box is checked, which permits insertion of multiple characters. The status of this checkbox is remembered when the Character map is reopened during the current session. If the box is checked, the only way to close the Character map is to click the Close button.
When the Character map is visible, changing the current font face (via the Font face combobox in the formatting toolbar) will change the character display of the Character map to suit the current font.
Allowing the mouse cursor to hover over any character will cause a tooltip to appear briefly, displaying the selected character's decimal and hexadecimal equivalents in the ASCII table.
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