Switching between Tree and Article panes
Which pane is active?
TreePad may have up to three panes visible at any one time: the Tree pane, Article pane and Accessory pane. Before you can use any of the commands associated with a pane, you have to make it the active pane (also termed giving it the focus) and is most easily done by left-clicking in it. The rules are simple:
For example, the currently selected2 node is shown actively highlighted when the Tree pane has focus, and passively highlighted when another pane has focus.
For more information about highlighting, see Highlighting text.
Switching focus by clicking inside the Tree or Article pane
Clicking inside the Tree pane
Clicking inside the Article pane
Other methods of switching between Tree and Article panes
To change focus to the Tree pane
To change focus to the Article pane
To toggle focus between Tree and Article pane
you can press Ctrl+Tab to switch between the tree and article pane. You can also configure TreePad to use just the Tab key to switch between tree and article. This option can be set using the TreePad options screen ( "Main menu: View⁄Options")

  1. Just as in many other word processors, the text cursor is a thin vertical line like a lower case "l" and is seen only when you are editing text in the Article pane . It should not be confused with the mouse cursor, which is shaped like a capital "I" when you are in the Article pane, like a diagonal white arrow when you are in the Tree pane, and, of course, moves when you move the mouse!
  2. To select a node means to click its icon or title in the Tree pane, or move the Tree pane cursor up or down using the cursor (arrow) keys, until the desired node is highlighted.
  3. If you require more space in either pane you can hide the other entirely. See Show article, tree or both.
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