Opening multiple databases simultaneously
TreePad X Enterprise has the capability of accessing up to eight databases simultaneously. This opens the possibility of performing inter-database operations, such as copy⁄paste and direct transfer of subtrees between different databases through drag-drop.
The row of eight database slot buttons to the far left (shown in the screenshot below) can be used to switch between opened databases. To open a database in a particular slot, first click on the numbered button of that slot (1-8), then use either:
Menu: Database⁄Open Local Database (single-user edition),
Menu: Database⁄Open Remote Database (multi-user edition),
Menu: Database⁄Reopen,
or Menu: Database⁄Favorites
to open a new database.
To switch to another (already) opened database, just click on the appropriate numbered database slot button. To copy a subtree to another database, just drag-drop the subtree onto the corresponding database button.
If you need to open certain databases frequently, it is advisable to add them to the favorites (menu⁄database⁄favorites, or the favorites tool button in the database toolbar).
To copy a tree from one (open) database to another (open) database, just drag-drop the tree onto the corresponding database slot button.
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