In addition to the most recently accessed databases shown on the ever-changing Menu: Database⁄Reopen list, you may add your most used files to a list of Favorite TreePad files that you can display with one click and select with another. The advantages of this include:
To display the Favorites list
Either action display a drop-down list of the files you have selected, together with menu choices to Add current database and Configure the items on the list.

To access the Favorites configuration screen
To add the current database
Click Add current database on the Favorites icon's drop-down list.
To add a database to the list
Click the "Add" button on the configuration screen and navigate to the desired file.
To remove a database from the list
Select the file and click the "Remove" button on the configuration screen.
To rearrange databases on this list
In the configuration screen, click the file to be moved, drag it over the database to be displaced and release it. See Glossary for a more detailed description of drag-and-drop.
To show only the file name (and not the path)
In the configuration screen, uncheck 'Show full path in favorites list'.

  1. The full tooltip name is "Show list of favorite TreePad databases".
  2. The Favorites list is independent of the database currently open.
  3. If the current database is on the list, its name will be shown disabled.
  4. There is no significant limit to the number of files that may be added to this list.
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