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Introduction to TreePad The main TreePad window The TreePad concept Title bar Main menu Toolbars Database selection buttons Recycler button Status bar Article button bar Tree Pane Article Pane Accessory pane Switching between Tree and Article panes Making it all happen Using keyboard shortcuts Using menu access keys Using the mouse Basic functions Tree commands Creating the tree Introduction to data trees Creating a test database Adding child and sibling nodes Subtrees and sublevels Navigating the tree Opening and closing subtrees Navigation commands Rearranging the tree Moving single nodes Using the keyboard Using the mouse Cutting, copying and pasting nodes Sorting nodes Moving multiple nodes The Mass node-mover screen Making nodes distinctive Article commands Articles introduced Basic text editing Copying and moving text Formatting text Aligning and indenting text Inserting items into your text Using hyperlinks Hyperlink features Creating hyperlinks made easy Using images When are changes stored? Tree edits Article edits Opening multiple databases simultaneously Advanced and miscellaneous features Multi-user functions When are changes visible to other users? Tree edits Article edits Power users and regular users Specific features for power users Article security Subtree security Recycle bin Mass node mover screen Node properties screen TreePad reference The Tree pane Navigating the tree Using the keyboard to navigate* Using the mouse to navigate Node history list History pane Inserting (creating) nodes Inserting a child node Inserting a sibling node Time-saving insert functions Inserting an agenda or calendar Deleting nodes and subtrees Deleting a node Deleting only the subtree root node Deleting only the subtree's child nodes Expanding and collapsing subtrees Expand and collapse commands Custom Expand Moving nodes and subtrees Moving single nodes using the keyboard Moving single nodes using the mouse Use cursor keys, drag or cut-and-paste? Moving a group of nodes Combined commands Turn selected sibling nodes into child nodes Transfer child nodes to a different parent The Mass node-mover screen The 'Children' pane Sorting nodes The Tree Clipboard Introduction How to copy and paste a subtree Internal and external Tree Clipboard External Clipboard considerations Copying the article contents* Cutting/Copying/Pasting nodes and subtrees Node properties dialog Template-base nodes Naming nodes Setting the default node title Editing the node name Copying and pasting the node name Numbering nodes Numbering new nodes Converting existing nodes to numbered nodes Case conversion options Date and time stamping nodes Using blank nodes Formatting nodes Node formatting overview Default tree and node format Changing the format of individual nodes Automatic paste* Node icons The Icons pane Changing tree node icons Changing the default node icon How icons are stored The Icons menu Rearranging pane icons Icon libraries Node icons hints and tips Node icons FAQ and troubleshooter Subtree statistics Bookmarks The Bookmarks pane The Bookmarks menu Bookmarks hints and tips 'Children' pane Moving nodes using the Children pane Navigating the tree using the Children pane Node checkboxes Saving the tree state Tree background color* Tree keyboard shortcuts* The Article pane Article Button Bar Accessory pane Navigating the article Highlighting text Insert and overtype modes Replacing text Undo and Redo Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete Deleting text Copying and Cutting text Copying the article contents Pasting text into the article Copying or moving text and images Trimming unwanted characters* Formatting articles Overview of formatting Article formats Some definitions first Plain text format Rich text format (RTF) Article text format commands Font and highlight color Direct HTML editing Color marker Article formatting hints and tips Superscripts and subscripts Footnote hyperlink example Paragraph formatting Aligning and justifying paragraphs Indenting lines and paragraphs Using tabs to indent text Increase/Decrease indentation Auto indent Bulleting and numbering paragraphs Undoing bulleting and numbering Nested bulleting and numbering Paragraph formatting window Article ruler, tabs and line numbers The article rulers Indent markers Ruler tabs Line numbers Reversing, removing and converting formatting Format painter Copy / paste of formatting Copy special and Paste special Case conversion Trimming unwanted characters Text dividers Saving article cursor position Insert menu Sorting text Transferring text to a new node Article fields Tables Working with tables Editing text in tables Adjusting column width and position Navigating within a table Moving and copying text from cell to cell Sorting tables Moving a column or row Moving and copying tables Inserting and deleting rows and columns Splitting and combining cells Horizontal splitting and combining Vertical splitting and combining Selecting rows and columns Table and cell borders Table and cell color Tables hints and tips Paragraph borders Borders and shading window controls Creating borders and boxes Paragraph borders within tables Paragraph borders hints and tips Automatic paste Automatic pasting to the same article Automatic pasting to multiple articles Automatic Paste hints and tips Article statistics Spelling checker Basic operation Spelling options Dictionaries The Dictionaries window The Ignore All / Change All dictionary User custom dictionaries Additional dictionaries Thesaurus Inserting special characters Character map Entering symbols Entering the Euro symbol Disabling ALTGR shortcuts Subdividing and combining articles Subdividing articles Combining articles Images* Article replace* Article keyboard shortcuts* Images Image filetypes supported Selecting images Storage of images in their native format Image conversion tables Importing and inserting images Cutting, Copying and Pasting images into an article Cloning image references Using the Insert image(s) command Dragging-and-dropping images Inserting screen captures Positioning images Deleting images Exporting images Moving images Resizing images Printing images Agenda, calendar and todo-lists Tree Agenda/calendar with months Agenda/calendar with weeks Article Article day agenda Article week agenda Article month calendar Article year calendar Todo-list Startday of the week Customizing TreePad Toolbars customization Available toolbars Using toolbars Toolbar visibility Infobars Show article, tree or both Article viewing options Zooming Word wrap Layout Article display options Screen mode Customizing the tree Stay on top Tray icon TreePad activation key Skinning: changing TreePad's appearance Hyperlinks Introduction to hyperlinks Creating hyperlinks Auto URL-detection Creating underlined hyperlinks Underlined hyperlink examples Using the Insert/edit hyperlink window Using copy and paste methods Which method to use? Special hyperlink functions Inserting multiple hyperlinks to files Anchors and hyperinks Inserting a table of contents Example of table of contents Auto-detecting hyperlinks Importing Windows Shortcuts and Internet Bookmarks Converting selected text to a hyperlink Hyperlinks and the Accessory Pane Inserting a list of search results* Inserting a list of bookmarks* Inserting the history list* Hyperlink to node in accessory pane Creating image hyperlinks Creating plain text hyperlinks Plain text hyperlink examples Activating (following) hyperlinks Shell functions for file hyperlinks Modifying hyperlinks Using the Insert/edit hyperlink window Changing the link text Changing the link target Editing hyperlinks directly Re-linking hyperlinks Copying and pasting hyperlinks Relative hyperlinks Launching other programs Hyperlink hints and tips Brighten up index hyperlinks Hyperlinks FAQ and troubleshooter Searching and replacing Tree search Standard tree search Advanced tree search Options: Search Range Options: Date Range Options: Miscellaneous Search Results pane Saving search results Article search and replace Article search only Article search and replace Article search and replace options Internet search Standard internet search Advanced internet search Search for nodes containing attachments Wildcard searches Searching and replacing hints and tips Search/replace FAQ and troubleshooter Printing Printing an article Printing a subtree Printing options Printing selected items Database functions Creating a new database Opening and reopening a database Opening multiple databases simultaneously* Favorites Closing databases Saving and backup Manual saving Article autosave When are changes stored?* Making a database backup Database properties dialog Maximum database size Database repair and optimize File, disk and directory catalogs Options Example CD-Rom catalog INFO KPNPINK KPNWHITE File conversion utilities* Startup and shutdown Startup options Command-line parameters Shutdown options Export and Import Import Importing files into a subtree Importing document files Importing a TreePad file Importing Favorites and links Importing files into an article Export Exporting a subtree Exporting a subtree to one file Exporting a subtree to multiple files Exporting a subtree to Website The structure of an exported Website Examples of TreePad-generated Websites Expandable/collapsible tree pane Linking directly to articles from outside Images Hyperlinks Including HTML source code Options for Website export Article options Frame Page Dimensions Appearance Font Header and footer Frames and borders options Miscellaneous options Navigate panel options Title frame options Tree options 'Made with' seal Meta tags Template Search engine Quick Preview Exporting selected nodes Exporting a subtree to another database Viewing results when finished Exporting an article as a file Exporting attachments TreePad utilities Publishing TreePad files as a Website exe-eBook Creator TreePad Viewer File conversion utilities More TreePad utilities Sending Email Configuring TPX Email Advanced configuration Recycle bin Tool-windows Clock Calendar Floating toolbar windows Attachments The Attachments menu Drag-and-drop Maximum recommended attachments size Exporting subtree attachments How to find nodes which have attachments Miscellaneous features Autodial DraftPad Presentation (full screen) mode Example of presentation mode Drag-and-drop support Date, time and calendar functions Multi-monitor support Miscellaneous options Units Saving TreePad settings Disabling confirmation dialogs General hints and tips Ways of tagging nodes Store main links in a central node Click the node icon not its title to select it Options shortcuts speed changes Additional information Acknowledgements Support and feedback Keyboard shortcuts Tree shortcuts Article shortcuts Miscellaneous shortcuts Disabling ALTGR shortcuts Windows shortcuts Key tables Function keys Alphabet keys Number and punctuation keys Numeric keypad Other keys Index A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #