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Use TreePad in your own language

Free language packs for TreePad Business Edition, TreePad PLUS, TreePad SAFE, TreePad Viewer and exe-eBooks.

After installing a language pack, you can make TreePad's menus, buttons, texts, messages appear in the new language. You can also switch between languages while TreePad runs.

Installation of a language pack is straightforward: please see below for more information.

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Download language packs
Create your own language pack
Language pack changes
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Download language packs

Afrikaansafrikaans.zip26 Kb0.9.1 Louis Palm
Danish - Danskdansk.zip27 Kb1.6  Torben Joergensen
Default - Englishdefault.zip28 Kb4.1   Updated!
Dutch - Nederlandsnederlands.zip29 Kb4.0.1
French - Franšaisfrancais.zip28 Kb4.1   Updated!Daniel Poulin, Guy Waterval
German - Deutschdeutsch.zip31 Kb4.0.1     Olav Botta and
Caise System GmbH
Greekgreek.zip31 Kb1.0.3     Mark Vaggelatos
Italian - Italianoitaliano_a.zip28 Kb1.1Michele Lazzarini
Italian - Italianoitaliano_b.zip25 Kb0.1 (partial translation)Michele Scognamiglio
Polish - Polskipolski.zip31 Kb4.0     Figo Fago
Portuguese (Brazilian)portugues.zip28 Kb1.0LanGServices
  Installation instructions for the Portuguese/Brazilian language pack can be found here
  Suggestions and improvements related to the Portuguese (Brazilian) language pack: please submit them to the Portuguese/Brazilian TreePad discussion group which you can join here.
Russianrussian.zip28 Kb1.1Nikolay Skotynjansky
Spanish - Espa˝olespanol.zip27 Kb0.9 (almost complete)Enrique Puerta Negrete
Swedish - Svenskasvenska.zip28 Kb2.13bChrister Will XCQt

These TreePad Editions currently support language packs:
- TreePad Business Edition
- TreePad PLUS
- TreePad SAFE
- TreePad Viewer
- exe-eBooks


Installation of your language pack is straightforward:
* First download the language pack of your choice.
* Then open the .zip file you just downloaded in your favorite zip program (Freebyte Zip is available for free).
* Extract the .lng file (from the .zip file) into TreePad's program directory.
* Restart TreePad, and you will notice the installed language as a new menu item under menu/view/language.
* And finally, click on the new language menu to switch to the new language. You can always switch back to English through menu/view/language/default (English).


Create your own language pack!
A TreePad language pack is a standard ini file, containing translations of the TreePad menus, screens, buttons and messages. You can open a TreePad language pack in any standard text editor, including NotePad.
To create your own language pack:
* Make a copy of the default.lng file (which comes with TreePad Biz, TreePad Safe and TreePad PLUS).
* Then translate the text fields using a text editor (e.g. NotePad) or a free software translation utility.
* Finally, put the newly created .lng file in TreePad's directory and restart TreePad.
* When you click on menu/view/language in TreePad, you will see a new menu item corresponding to the language file you just created.


Language pack changes
Changes in TreePad language packs.
This information is meant for language pack authors and maintainers.
- Changes in version 4.1
- Changes in version 4.0.1
- Changes in version 4.0
- Changes in version 3.3
- Changes in version 3.2
- Changes in version 3.1
- Changes in version 3.0
- Changes in version 2.0
- Changes in version 1.7.1
- Changes in version 1.7
- Changes in version 1.6
- Changes in version 1.5
- Changes in version 1.4.2
- Changes in version 1.3
- Changes in version 1.2 (compared to version 1.0)


See also
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