TreePad PRO for Linux
New features in version 3.2.2

New features in version 3.3

February 25, 2006
Free upgrade for registered users

Free Upgrades
* All registered users of TreePad PRO for Linux are now entitled to four years of free upgrades (instead of two years).

* Added: insert an agenda or calendar into the article, by clicking menu/insert/agenda, calendar or todo-list.
* Added: insert todo-list into the article. Menu/insert/agenda, calendar or todo-list.

* Added: Autosave. The auto-save settings can be adjusted in the options screen, category: Auto-Save
* Added: progressbar display when saving, auto-saving or backing up.

* Added: a popup menu for the tree
* Bugfix: shift-left, shift-right, shift-up and shift-down can now be used for moving nodes inside the tree.
* Added: when shift is pressed just before and during a node-drag-drop operation (for moving nodes in the tree), the dragged node becomes a sibling node of the target node.
* Added: one can now specify the font + font-size for the tree. Options screen, category tree/font.

* Bugfix: copy/paste problems have been fixed, but one can currently only copy/paste as plain text (without formatting).
* Added: a popup menu for the article
* Added: one can now specify the default font and font-size for plain text articles, and new articles. Options screen, category article.
* Changed: improved text-selection; word-select is no longer active.


New features in version 3.2.2

July 08, 2005
Free upgrade for registered users

* Added: two alternative methods of installing TreePad PRO.
* Changed: the Kylix libraries are no longer merged with the TreePad PRO executable, because this created complications on a number Linux distributions. Still, this new release can be started directly without installing anything.

* Improved: TreePad PRO is now also compatible with Fedora Linux.

* Bugfix: on some systems any characters above ASCII 127 were not displayed. This has been fixed in the current release.
* Added: one can now also insert characters into the article by typing in the ASCII code, through menu/insert/character or by typing "ALT-0 + ASCII code".


New features in version 3.2

March 19, 2005
Free upgrade for registered users

* Added: password protection and state-of-the-art encryption (TwoFish 256bit). To set, clear or alter the database password, see menu/file/set password or menu/file/change password.

* Added: one can now alter/define the Linux commands which are executed after activating a hyperlink in the options screen (menu/view/options). Separate Linux commands can be defined for each type of hyperlink: Email, WWW and News. By default Mozilla is activated when starting an Email, WWW or News hyperlink.

Improvements and bugfixes
* Bugfix for error message 'unable to access file dillorg'


New features in version 3.1

January 17, 2005
Free upgrade for registered users

TreePad - general
* Added: 'quick start dialog' (optional), which is displayed at program startup. It gives the option of (1) opening a file from the list of most recent files combined with the list of favorite files, (2) creating a new file, (3) opening a file from disk, (4) do none of these.
* Added: the TreePad icon is now part of the application (and all screens and dialogs).
* Added: menu/help/TreePad home page, which opens the TreePad home page in the Web browser
* Added: menu/help/TreePad support, which opens the TreePad support page in the Web browser
* Improved:: menu/help/Purchase TreePad now opens the TreePad PRO for Linux registration page in the Web browser
* Added: "About TreePad" screen (menu/help/about) with active links to the TreePad home page, TreePad support page and home page

* Added: menu/search/subtree, tree search, with:
   - standard search (search for items containing ALL the words, SOME of the words or the exact phrase),
   - advanced search (search for any items containing any combination of ALL the words, SOME of the words, the EXACT PHRASE and NONE of the words)
   - regular expression search
   - options to search the subtree or entire tree, search only nodes, only articles, or nodes and articles, case-sensitive or case-insensitive search, maximum number of rows search results
* Added: a search results pane below the article in TreePad's main screen
* Added: menu/view/search results, which can open and close the search results pane
* Added: the buttons 'Article' and 'SearchR' in the toolbar just below the article. They can be used to open and close the search results pane.
* Added: after a search, and after opening the search pane, the number of items in the search results (search count) is shown in the statusbar
* Added: one can sort the search results by clicking on a column in the search results pane.

* Added: menu/file/reopen
* Added: menu/file/favorites
* Added: toolbar button for accessing favorite files
* Added: favorite files can be added through the menu, options screen and favorites toolbutton
* Added: menu/file/backup to...
* Added: creation of numbered safety copies (optional, automatic during file/save)
* Added: the name of the file which is currently open is now part of TreePad's main window and also the application title.

* Added: show/hide individual toolbars and infobars through toolbar context menu and options screen
* Improved: toolbar visibility and position are now remembered

* Added: menu/insert/hyperlink/to Internet to insert hyperlinks to WWW, eMail and News
* Added: hyperlinks to WWW, eMail and News are opened using Mozilla (the default application - Mozilla - to open Internet links from within TreePad is fixed, but this will be configurable in the near future)

* Added: menu/view/options
* Added: options screen
* Added: full node path can be shown in statusbar (optional)
* Added: full file path can be shown in the title bar, or just the file name
* Added: the icons of the menus can be shown or hidden
* Added: options toolbutton
* Added: options for manual backup and automatic safety copies
* Added: the title of the table of contents can be specified
* Added: arranging nodes through tree drag-drop can be enabled/disabled
* Added: node options, the default caption of a new node can now be specified. It can also be a date, time, date + time, a number in the list or a text.
* Added: date and time format can be changed
* Added: TreePad startup options: show 'quick start dialog', 'ask at startup to load last opened file', 'automatically load most recent file', 'do not load any file at startup'.
* Added: TreePad shutdown options: 'automatically save all data on close', 'ask whether or not to save data when TP closes', or 'do not save any data when TP closes'.
* Improved: size and position of main window is now remembered
* Improved: size of tree pane is now remembered

* Added: toolbutton for insert date
* Added: menu/insert/date
* Added: toolbutton for character map
* Added: charactermap which allows insertion of special characters into the article


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