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The following support options are available:

(1) Subscribe to the Freebyte/TreePad newsletter (also: unsubscribe).
(2) Want a new feature? Send a suggestion to the TreePad team.
(3) Help and information on downloading and installing TreePad.
(4) Documentation and manuals.
(5) TreePad comparative feature chart
(6) In case you have lost your registration number, you can request the registration number to be resent to you by email.
(7) Assistance on registration problems.
(8) Notify us of an error you might have found in a TreePad version (bug report).
(9) You need our Company information.
(10) In case you need to contact us on an issue not listed above, please click here.


Privacy policy
No junk mail ! We will never sell or distribute your email address, name, etc. This information will not be given to other companies or organizations, and we will not use it to send you any follow-up sales emails.
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