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TreePad Lite is an award-winning Personal Information Manager for Windows (and Linux/Wine).
TreePad Lite is fun & easy to use, small in size, yet very powerful. It is also fully portable.
TreePad Lite can be used to store, edit, search, organize and browse any type of textual data, such as: notes, emails, articles, links, phone numbers, addresses, scraps pasted from the Web, etc.
The main TreePad Lite window (see the screenshot on the right) consists of two panes:
the article pane (or right-hand pane) which consists of a plain-text editor. Here you can enter your scraps, notes, articles, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
the tree pane (left-hand pane) enables you to browse your data. It consists of 'tree nodes'. Each node is associated with one article. If you select a different node (inside the left-hand pane), then a different article is loaded (inside the right-hand pane).
In addition to the tree pane, you can also use the powerful internal search engine to locate your data (screenshot).


Ease of use
TreePad Lite is very easy to use. Quite a number of people will be able to start off without consulting any type of documentation.
You might find the Quick Start Guide and/or video tutorials useful though. They explain how to perform the most common tasks and will help you get started fast.
The Quick Start Guide is also part of the program package.


Getting started
The best way to get started with TreePad Lite (or TreePad ASIA) is to:
download, install and run the program.
consult the Quick Start Guide and/or video tutorials if you feel the need.
use the TreePad Lite Manual for reference purposes only.


Articles and nodes
The usual database programs are not good at storing unstructured information, TreePad excels at this! It lets you define and impose your own structure (through the tree pane).
All text data is organized in 'articles'; an article is a text shown in the right-hand pane of the program window. Any article corresponds to a 'node' inside the tree (left-hand pane).


Tree editing
You can create any tree structure you want! It is very easy to add nodes/articles to the tree, delete nodes/articles, move whole sub-trees around using 'drag-and-drop', etc. You can even copy/paste complete subtrees including all associated articles.


Hyperlink support
Support for plain-text hyperlinks to: TreePad nodes/articles, files on your local harddisk, Web pages, email addresses, newsgroups and FTP sites.

TreePad ASIA
While TreePad Lite utilizes western fonts, TreePad Asia supports non-western/Asian fonts.
TreePad ASIA supports most non-western languages, like Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian through the Windows 'IME system'. Both these freeware TreePad editions are compatible with Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2000, 98, ME, NT, all 64 bit versions of Windows and Linux/Wine.


Use your harddisk more efficiently
TreePad allows you to store all your notes, emails, texts, hyperlinks, etc. into one or multiple databases which use up much less disk space than storing your data in a large number of separate documents.


More features
Print, sort tree nodes, minimize to system-tray, text find-replace, stay on top, a flexible and customizable toolbar system, move nodes using drag-and-drop, copy/paste subtrees, import .txt, .csv, .hjt files, export subtrees and articles to .html, .txt, .hjt files, print subtrees and articles, etc.


Usage and installation
TreePad Lite is freeware, it won't cost you anything. It runs on Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2000, 98, NT, all 64 bit editions of Windows and Linux/Wine.
The program itself is small in size (only a few 100 Kb), it does not need any special dlls, drivers or system files which can mess up your system.
TreePad Lite comes with an installer, but you can also use the program without installing it (just extract the zip file to a directory).
Download TreePad Lite
Very useful freeware 'lite' version which supports plain text. Suitable for Windows and Linux/Wine. You can conveniently download TreePad Lite here.
Download TreePad Asia
Like TreePad Lite, but designed with the Asian user in mind. Supports non-western fonts, plain text. Freeware for Windows and Linux/Wine. You can download TreePad Asia here.
Download TreePad 2.6.9
This is the 'classic' older version of TreePad. It also supports non-western fonts. Freeware for Windows and Linux/Wine. Runs on Windows 95 as well. You can download TreePad 2.6.9 here.
TreePad Lite is fully portable, you can run it directly from USB drive. Just copy the TreePad Lite program files from the version which is installed on your harddisk (usually c:\program files\treepadlite4 ) to a directory on the USB disk, then plug the USB disk into another computer and start TreePad Lite by double clicking on the file 'treepad.exe'. That's all!!
Instead - if you do not have TreePad Lite installed on your internal harddisk - you can also download the TreePad Lite zip file and extract the contents of the zip file to a directory on your USB disk.


TreePad Lite is powerful
The program might be small in size, but it is able to store thousands of articles. Each article can contain a large number of characters. Articles can be linked to other articles using text hyperlinks. A TreePad data file can contain many megabytes of data. You can create and use any number of different TreePad data files. This means that the capacity of storing notes is only limited by the size of your harddisk! An internal search engine is included to find any data item immediately. See also the screenshot directly below (click to enlarge).



TreePad Lite Manuals
The official TreePad Lite manuals (online and downloadable) can be found here.
The Quick Start Guide can be found here.


About TreePad
TreePad Lite is created by
TreePad has been steadily updated and improved since 1995. Since its initial introduction in 1995, TreePad has become one of the most imitated programs on the Web.
If you want more features, then you should definitely try out the other TreePad editions which are listed here.


If you want to support the TreePad Lite project, you can:
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