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On this page you can purchase TreePad X Enterprise Server (multi-user). Secure online payment by credit card (or PayPal) is not only the fastest and easiest method, but also enables you to receive your registration number within 24 hours. A variety of other convenient payment options is available as well.
Payment methods
We have authorized MyCommerce to process your order for TreePad X Enterprise (multi-user).
To purchase TreePad X Enterprise (multi-user) through MyCommerce you can use one of the following payment methods:
Credit card online
Check/cheque with pro forma invoice
PayPal through MyCommerce
Bank/wire transfer
Please note that the available payment options may vary depending on the country.
Additional payment methods
If - instead of using MyCommerce - you prefer to pay us directly, by:
Wire transfer (a payment from your bank account directly to our bank account in the Netherlands)
PayPal transaction (a payment directly from your PayPal account to our PayPal account)
then please contact us here so we can send you an invoice.


How to register

Registering TreePad X Enterprise (multi-user) through MyCommerce is straightforward. The registration process is twofold, as follows:
Step 1: obtain the server license using the link Step1: Register TPX Enterprise Server on the right-hand side of this page.
Step 2: request as many client licenses as needed (client licenses are an indispensable part of the software package) using the link Step 2: Register additional Client licenses.
Should you have any questions or remarks about the registration process, then please contact us the here.


Registration Example

Suppose you need 10 client licenses. Then you need to order one server license (which includes one free client license by default), and nine client licenses.


How to add additional clients

If you already have a TreePad X Enterprise Server license and would like to add more clients, then you can purchase additional client licenses using the link Step 2: Register additional Client licenses on the lower right-hand side of this page.

Benefits of registering

When you purchase a TreePad X Enterprise Server license, you are entitled to:
One free client license
One free Administrator license
Lifetime program usage at no additional cost
Your TreePad license never expires and is not tied to any specific computer system.
If, at one point, you need to replace (one or more of) your server and/or client computers, then you can install the TreePad Client program(s) and/or the server program on your new machines:
- at no cost whatsoever
- without the need to contact us
- using your existing license.
Two years of free updates
Please note that for the last 15 years we have not charged anything for updates, although our official upgrade policy is: free updates for two years. See also
Free support by email for two years.
Please note that currently we give free support by email regardless of registration date.
Emergency phone support
In exceptional cases we offer free emergency support by phone, regardless of registration date.
Special bonus
One free Treepad Business Edition license or one free upgrade to TreePad X Enterprise (single-user).


Buy Now
TreePad X Enterprise

Step 1:
Registration includes all of the following items:
* the TPX 384 Gigabyte Server license
* one free TPX Client license
* one free TPX Administrator license
* special bonus (please see below)
License fee: $ 384.00 US Dollar
(or EUR 371.50 approx)

Step 2:

Price per userIn US DollarEuro (approx)
1 user$ 129.00EUR 125.00
2 - 5 users$ 125.00EUR 121.00
6 - 10 users$ 122.00EUR 118.00
11 - 20 users$ 118.00EUR 114.00
21 - 50 users$ 114.00EUR 110.50
51 - 100 users$ 110.00EUR 106.50
101 - 200 users$ 106.00EUR 102.50
Note: prices in Euro may differ slightly because of variations in the currency conversion rate

Special bonus:
When you purchase a server license, you are entitled to one free TreePad Business Edition license or one free upgrade to TreePad X Enterprise (single-user 12 Gb).


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