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TreePad is not only a powerful personal organizer, database and Word Processor, but also enables you to generate entire Web sites at the click of a button!
With only a few mouse clicks you can generate a complete Web site from all the information you have stored in TreePad, including HTML pages, images (GIF, JPEG, PNG), hyperlinks and index page.
With TreePad you don't need to edit, manage or maintain any HTML pages or worry about broken hyperlinks! Non-internet image types, like BMP and EMF are automatically converted to JPEG and GIF during export.

Expandable/collapsible tree pane
Both TreePad X Enterprise and TreePad Business Edition offer the extra benefit of exporting to a Website with dynamic tree pane (example). Each subtree can expand/collapse inside the Web browser; just like in TreePad itself!

Website search engine
Websites generated with TreePad X Enterprise also include a Website search engine. For example, please see the TreePad X Enterprise manual. The search engine can be accessed through the link titled 'search' at the bottom of each page.

How to generate a Web site
Creating a Web site can not be easier when you use TreePad X Enterprise, TreePad Business Edition, TreePad PLUS or TreePad SAFE.
(1) First, in TreePad's tree pane, select the node of the sub tree you want to be published as a Web site.
(2) Then click  menu/file/export subtree, choose 'export to Web site' and select the export directory.
(3) Finally, upload your pages and images to the Internet using an FTP program.
That's all!

On the right of this page, you can find a number of TreePad-generated Web sites. If you want your site to be listed on this page as well, please drop us a line!

The following program is also able to convert or show TreePad files as Web sites:
iTreePad: a Perl script to publish TreePad files directly online, without any file conversion, including a frame based javascript tree navigation system.

TreePad and eBooks
TreePad can also be used for creating, generating, publishing and distributing ebooks (electronic books). For more information, please visit the TreePad eBooks page.


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Examples of Websites
created with TreePad

New! Plant Maintenance Knowledge Base
A shared knowledgebase of plant floor information, where needed documentation and (maintenance) procedures can quickly and intuitively be found.
Created using TreePad X Enterprise (multi-user).

GE Geek
PC tech quick reference, tools and solutions for Windows and Unix/Linux - including TreePad search engine.
Created using TreePad X Enterprise (single-user).

Brushtails of Possum Park
The real-life story of pepita possum who lives in the chimney. She had babies, twins. We befriended her and she let us feed her and her family. One night a set of eyes appeared at top of the garden. Including photos.

TreePad X Enterprise manuals
Manuals for TreePad X Enterprise. The online versions of the manuals include a dynamic Javascript tree pane (expandable/collapsible) as well as a PHP Website search engine. Created using TreePad X Enterprise.

Bird Photo Gallery
Online photo album with images of some of the more common birds in Kenya. By Paulo van Breugel, made using TreePad X Enterprise.

Sejarah Melayu Library
Online library with probably the largest collection of freely accessible books and other documents on the history of the Malay archipleago and the East Indies. By Sabri Zain, made using TreePad Business Edition.

Disktective Manual

Partial screenshot of the Disktective manual (online version), created using TreePad Business Edition (converted to Website with only a few mouse clicks).

Jack Earl
A list of more than 10 websites created by Jack Earl using TreePad Business.Edition.

Fresh Ears Audio
Website for vinyl transfer to CD (tapes audio transfer).

The Potbelly Syndrome
How Common Germs Cause Obesity, Diabetes, and Heart Disease.

Veni etiam
Website about aquariums (in Dutch) by E. Eliveld.

de Hoornse Tai Chi School
A Tai Chi school (in Dutch).

A1 Grand Prix2005/2006 Fan eBook
New online database (and eBook) with facts, statistics, drivers, teams and more on the exciting new A1 series.
Created by MieNet with TreePad Business Edition.

Formula one Fan eBook: 2006 Guide
Comprehensive online database (and eBook) for the 2006 Formula-1 season: results, statistics, facts, quotes, circuits, drivers, teams, cars, etc.
Created by MieNet with TreePad Business Edition.

2006 Football World Cup eBook
Free online World Cup e-Book (and database) containing all pertinent info, data & statistics for the 2006 World Cup!
Created by MieNet with TreePad Business Edition.
Your Online Connection to Panama City Beach, Florida, Home of the World's Most Beautiful Beaches.
Created with TreePadBusiness Edition.

Najade en Gentle Breeze
Website of the singing groups "Gentle Breeze" and "Najade" (site is in Dutch).

MieNet's Gourmet Pages, Tips & Recipes
Illustrated online eBook: World of Vinegars, Olive Oils, Salad Time, Pasta Artistry, Carnival Of Curries, Valentine's Day Cooking, Have Another Bite My Love, The Sweet Side of Life, International Cuisine, International Cuisine II, Asia, Specially for Kids, Ice-cream, Creative Cooking, Outdoor Cooking.

Latest Motor Sports News
News on Formula one, Formula 3000, Formula 3, Cart, IRL, Nascar, DTM, etc. Created with TreePad Business Edition

The 2004 Season F1fan-eBook
Formula1: 2004 Season and Statistics. Created with TreePad Business Edition

Formula-one team-news
The latest Formula-one news, team by team. Created using TreePad Business Edition

HJSplit Manual
The online version of the HJSplit manual, created using TreePad Business Edition.

Beautiful Amsterdam Photo Album
Lovely sceneries and splendid views of Amsterdam: gorgeous canals and bridges, elegant buildings, shipping and warehouses, historic maps and more. View online in your Web browser or download and share it for free .

TreePad Manual
The online version of the TreePad manual, generated with just a few mouse clicks using TreePad Business Edition, is an example of a TreePad generated Web site, with dynamic Javascript tree pane (expandable/collapsible subtrees).

MieNet's 2002 Season F1fan-eBook
This complete eBook contains all statistics and facts of the 2002 Formula-one season.
View this wonderful ebook conveniently in your Web browser or download it for free.
Online and downloadable versions created by MieNet using TreePad Business Edition.

MieNet's Free icon libraries
Online catalog of icon libraries, created using TreePad Business Edition.

Images, Photos, Prints, Posters
MieNet's extensive poster store created using TreePad Business Edition.

Catalog of TreePad Banners
Online catalog of TreePad banners, created using TreePad Business Edition.

MieNet's 'Old Christmas eBook
'Old Christmas' by Washington Irving. Enjoy good literature and add a touch of beauty to your Holiday Season. The eBook is fully illustrated, interlinked and referenced, so as to enhance your reading pleasure.
View this wonderful ebook conveniently in your Web browser or download it for free.
Online and downloadable versions created by MieNet using TreePad Business Edition.

Rare Visa Journey
A "virtual journey", created using TreePad.

Alice in Wonderland
The famous book of Lewis Caroll as a Web site. Created using TreePad Business Edition. Also available as TreePad eBook.

World Championship Soccer 2002
All the teams, players, scores and matches of the Soccer World Cup in Korea and Japan. Created by MieNet using TreePad Business Edition. Also available as TreePad eBook.

Line in Wonderland
Line's online photo album, created with TreePad.

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