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Online Dispensary Canada

Watch our 10 second video on how to order from our ‘Online Weed Dispensary’. With recreational weed now legal, the process of using an online marijuana dispensary – works the same way as a Metro.

You go on the net, find a great store that sells weed, make your order and voila! In 2-3 days the Canada Post xpress package is at your door.


What Is A Weed Dispensary in Canada?

Without making assumptions, let’s begin with the definitions.

This is a physical or virtual retail store where a person may be able to purchase weed or its paraphernalia, for medical or adult use.

In Canada, weed dispensaries can either be government-run or privately run. Each province or territory sets its own rules regarding the sale of cannabis to the public.

Marijuana dispensary traces its roots back to Amsterdam in the late 1970s where they were referred to as coffee shops. Over the years, this model has been replicated in different parts of the world, the US and Canada included.

Online marijuana dispensaries allow consumers to place an express order for weed through the internet. It allows pot businesses to fill express orders from customers virtually, with no contact. This makes the ordering process very simple.

EASY AS 1-2-3

Online Dispensary Canada.. No Card!

To buy weed online from Treepad, you will be required to state your age. You will also need to key in your email address, then automatically get a password to purchase and the products you load in the cart will appear at checkout.

Treepad offers a large variety and selection of strains and concentrate, THC edibles among other marijuana products.

We also offer free shipping for purchases exceeding a certain amount. Note that free shipping is not offered by all online pot businesses. This can go a long way to reducing your cost of purchase.

If you buy weed online from Treepad, you can be sure of the quality of strain that you are getting.

A Brief History of Weed Dispensaries In Canada

Strict regulations in the industry make it impossible for weed shops to work seamlessly. Even with pot being legal, the government is very keen on keeping pot out of the hands of children. When it comes to mail-order marijuana, or trying to buy vape pens online,  the government is even more vigilant.

Weed was legalized on 17th, October 2018. The rollout has been anything but a walk in the park.

Online weed retailers have faced significant challenges from day one. The challenges include:

  • Obtaining licenses from the regulatory bodies
  • Getting adequate supplies from the government which is the only legal wholesaler of safe cannabis products
  • Struggling to compete on price with the black market- hard to get orders when prices are comparably high
  • Battling with stringent advertising/ marketing laws-
  • Having to comply with strict packaging laws that evolve over time
  • Being vigilant not to sell to minors; which attracts a hefty penalty

In general, it has not been very easy to introduce an online marijuana dispensary into the Canadian market. Thankfully, a significant number of top weed retailers such as Treepad are carving a niche for themselves.

Call it “working through the clusterfugs.”

What Is A Weed Dispensary in Canada?

placing an order for pot online is not as straightforward as it may seem. There are a couple of laws and regulations that should be taken into consideration.

Without making assumptions, let’s begin with the definitions.

This is a physical or virtual retail store where a person may be able to purchase weed or its paraphernalia, for medical or adult use.

In Canada, weed dispensaries can either be government-run or privately run. Each province or territory sets its own rules regarding the sale of cannabis to the public.

Marijuana dispensary traces its roots back to Amsterdam in the late 1970s where they were referred to as coffee shops. Over the years, this model has been replicated in different parts of the world, the US and Canada included.

Online marijuana allows consumers to place an express order for weed through the net. It allows pot businesses to as well get orders from express customers virtually. This makes the ordering process very simple.

Why Consumers Are Choosing To Buy Weed Online In Canada

The Millennial and Gen Ys make up a significant number of cannabis consumers globally. These groups are tech-savvy and very receptive to the idea of online shopping.

For the older generations, buying weed via the net affords one some level of discretion. As much as the weed was given the green light, it is yet to gain mainstream acceptance in some workplaces and social circles. Consequently, consumers find it easier to order weed online and have someone send it over to their doorstep.

Here are the top reasons why consumers are choosing to order weed online in Canada:

1.     A great and convenient experience

2.    Discretion

3.    Saves time

4.    A wider variety of high quality products; stock may feature and highlight new products

5.     Easier to peruse through products as compared to walking up and down the aisles of weed storefronts

6.    Free shipping offered by some pot businesses

7.     Cheaper prices in some cases

8. Better customer support

A Simple Guide To Online Dispensary in Canada

Before you order weed, you must be sure that you are doing it within the confines of the law. But once you understand what is expected of you, the process will be simplified.

Here is the low-down of what you should know.

Is Canadian Online Dispensary Legal?

Canadians are allowed to buy weed legally from either physical storefronts or online outlets. However, every province or territory determines if they will allow online weed shops and if they do, how they are run.

Here is a breakdown of what each province/ territory allows:

Alberta:  allowed through the government outlet.

British Colombia: allowed through the government outlet.

Manitoba: allowed through licensed private retailers.

New Brunswick: allowed through the government outlet.

Newfoundland and Labrador: allowed through the government outlet.

Northwest Territories: allowed through the government outlet.

Nova Scotia: allowed through the government outlet.

Nunavut: allowed through the government or licensed private retailers.

Ontario: allowed through the government outlet.

Prince Edward Island: Allowed through the government outlet.

Quebec: Allowed through the government outlet.

Saskatchewan: Allowed through licensed private retailers

Yukon: allowed through the government outlet.

Even with the above, private-retailers are not allowed to sell medicinal cannabis products.

This can only be done by licensed producers (LPs) who must be licensed by Health Canada.

How To Buy Weed Online

Once you have identified a legal online weed shop, the following steps will enable you to place your first order ever for quality marijuana.

For example, you settle on, (a safe place to start), this is how the process should go:

On their website, you will first be required to enter the following information:

  • Your age
  • Name
  • Email address password
  • Provide a delivery address
  • Payment information; note that they offer free shipping

After filling in this information you will be able to browse through their top selection of Sativa/ indica/ THC/ CBD products, fill your cart and checkout. They have an express system; similar to how you fill products in the cart and checkout on any other digital platform.

What You Will Need To Receive Mail Order Marijuana

Most marijuana online deliveries are made via Canada Post. Here, things will deviate again to ensure that the stash is secure and does not land in the hands of a minor. This is what it looks like:

  • An ID must be produced (when the recipient appears to be younger than 25 years). The details of the order should match those of the recipient.
  • The package must be signed for

Weed purchases are handled with the utmost privacy. Details of the buyer must be held in privacy by the seller and not divulged by the seller to a third party ever.

Packaging Regulations To Look Out For

Weed products have to meet a certain threshold for packaging and labeling regulations. These are safeguards to ensure that orders are secure, safe and discreet. Such regulations include:

  • The products in no way reflect the content that is enclosed therein.
  • The packaging must be tamper-proof and child-resistant.
  • The packages must contain health warnings on the harmful effects of weed
  • The packages must be odor-proof

If you are receiving a mail-order marijuana package, there are a couple of things that you can do to confirm that your delivery is legal. They include:

  • The package must have a cannabis excise stamp- should match the one approved by the government
  • The delivery should not be tampered with in any way- seal should be secure

Whether you order weed online in Canada or purchase it from a retail store, the maximum amount that you can purchase at one go is the same. This is the maximum of 30 grams of pot, dried or equivalent in non-dried form.

How To Find The Best Online Dispensary

There are a couple of tell-tale signs for high quality versus a mediocre one. Things that one should consider include:

The legal status: Licensed weed retailers are known to sell high quality products because they are regulated.

Positive reviews: This is one great approach to take. What are previous customers saying about this business? Look for sites that are at least rated 3 or rated 4 for customer service. You could also aim for those rated 5.

Scrutinize the websiteThe business should have a secure site with great customer experience.

This includes having details about the products on offer, the team, verifiable contact information, and a physical location.

If a business is new (copyright 2020), with 0 out of 5 reviews. Look at what their site has to say about them. A rating of 5. on website user experience is an excellent start off point.

Expansive stock/ variety: The best weed shop should offer a wide variety of quality marijuana products, including new products. This includes flowers, strain Indica, Hybrid, sativa, high and low THC/CBD, oils, and accessories as well.

The highest quality weed is expensive, so don’t go for the lowest prices. The products should be rated 4 or rated 5.

Delivery time, damages, and Money-back guarantee: The highest quality weed shop has customer support as a priority. Hence, they will formulate policies to ensure that the customer has recourse in case of shipping delays or damages. This should be rated 4 or rated 5.

Also, considering going for businesses that offer free shipping or discounts on shipping. This service should be rated 4 or rated 5.

Can You Find An Ontario Dispensary Online?

Yes, you can buy weed quick from the Ontario cannabis store; this is the only legal site that sells recreational weed in Ontario.

Online Dispensary Ontario: The OCS

The Ontario Cannabis Store, abbreviated as OCS, has a large selection of medical marijuana and recreational products that you can order on all days. They include different strains of sativa, Indica, CBD, THC in the form of:

  • Flowers
  • Vapes
  • Extracts
  • Edibles
  • Accessories

Placing an express order from the OCS is similar to ordering from other legal weed dispensaries. The website is age-gated and you will be required to provide your date of birth. Past this hurdle, the system is safe and secure which makes shopping for the right strain of indica/ Sativa or CBD/ THC easy.

Is Shatter Legal In Canada?

Cannabis concentrates, such as shatter and concentrates edibles, are now legal in Canada.  However, each unit of shatter must contain less than 10 milligrams of THC. Also, the shatter must not contain any added vitamins, minerals, nicotine, sugars, or colors.

Where To Buy Shatter Online Canada

Now that shatter is legal for sale to the public, you can access it from a variety of weeds dispensary that sells legal weed products, consider the ones rated 3 and above.

If you buy weed online from Treepad, you will choose from a mix of enticing concentrates. Click here to see what’s available today.

On some days, you may be lucky to find discounted prices!

Pitfalls To Avoid When Buying Weed From A Canada Dispensary

1.      Do not buy mail order marijuana from unlicensed sellers; keep off black market seller even if they have the lowest prices

2.    Don’t fall for the lowest prices or an exaggerated discount; some legal retailers cut corners and compromise on quality to ensure that their prices are cheap.

3.    Don’t attempt to buy weed online if you are underage; it is likely that you will get caught and face dire consequences under the youth criminal justice system

4.    Don’t smoke and drive, please!

This wraps up what you should know before purchasing from marijuana online dispensary Canada.

Happy Weedin!